"Discover How to Take the Best Possible Care of Your Beloved Pet..."

My name is Lee Richter and as CEO of Montclair Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Veterinary Care, as well as a pet owner myself, I’m passionate about supporting pets and the people who love them.
We’ve worked with more than 30,000 pet patients to date!
My husband, Dr. Gary Richter, is an award-winning veterinarian who has been on the leading edge of veterinary care since 1998 so I have a unique perspective on pet care…

Your pet depends on you to be his or her best advocate, which is why it’s my intention to provide you with the latest information and resources to take the best possible care of your pet.
 “What You Do NOW Affects the Length
And Quality of Your Pet’s Life!”

Many diseases are caused by years of damage to your pet’s body, resulting from less than optimal nutrition, poor physical conditioning, chronic stress (yes, really!), environmental toxicity, among other causes.  These lead to chronic inflammation, tissue damage, and ultimately disease (just like with people).
In this case, it’s absolutely true that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

“That’s Why We Created the
Senior Pet Resource Guide…”

You’ll Receive Expert Advice from Dr. Gary Richter, Award-Winning Veterinarian, Including:

●  The Senior Pet Care Checklist 
●  Up to Date Nutrition Guidelines 
●  Dental Care Tips
●  Need to Know Pet Insurance Guide
●  Veterinarian Guide
●  Holistic Pet Care Resources 
●  Bonus Pet Care Tips

Here’s What People Are Saying…

"Dr. Richter is a pioneer, and an innovative force in his field. It's really wonderful to have such an amazing team in my animals corner, as it relates to health and wellness."      
                                                               - Lori S. (Oakland, CA)
"Several years ago our aging cat required attention no other local vet could provide; for many years prior to finding Dr. Richter, there seemed to be no cure (but loads of expensive diagnostics and drugs with negative side effects). Having never met our cat before, within 5 minutes, Dr. Richter knew what to do!  And it worked!!
It's important to note that we drive over an hour each way to see Dr. Richter because he's THAT GOOD. Dr. Richter has the experience, compassion, knowledge, and humility every veterinarian aspires to have. Throughout the last 48 years of my life, having gone through loads of vets with a lifetime full of pets, he is the most effective vet I've ever known!"
                                                                       - Danny B. (Cupertino, CA) 

"We had heard good things about Dr. Gary Richter, and I learned during this visit, everything they said is true.  He is a true animal lover, caregiver and is super smart, too.  As we were in his office he asked about my dog and how he was doing.  Before we left, Dr. Richter gave him a complete chiropractic adjustment down his spine, neck and hips!  My dog's eyes were huge, but afterwards he looked like he felt amazing!"  

                                                                 - Suzie R. (Oakland, CA)

Peace of Mind Guarantee

All of the information on this page is a true and accurate representation of the results my clients and I have created with this information.  There is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results represented here.
We promise to deliver high quality content and training.  We’re confident that you will get great value.
We’ll even give you the chance to test-drive this guide at no risk.  You get 30 days to check it out, and if you don’t like it, you may request a full refund.

A Word From The CEO

"As CEO of Montclair Veterinary Hospital, Holistic Veterinary Care, and The Pet Concierge, I've discovered that even the most loving and conscious pet owners don't realize that simple changes they make now can drammatically affect the lenth and quality of their pets' lives.

My husband, Dr. Gary Richter and I are committed to provide pet owners with the education, resources and tools they need to take the best possible care of their pets.
That's why I'm so delighted to be able to offer you this fabulous resource guide!"